Results of GIF Pitch Your Generation IV Research Competition

 第4世代原子力システムの研究開発に従事する若手研究者の論文ショートスピーチコンテストが審査を終え、優秀コンテスタントがGIF PG/EG会合において発表されました。

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  1. Gravity stratified mixed convection in liquid metal pools
  2. Advanced nodal method for sodium-cooled fast reactor core analysis
  3. Accelerated discovery of corrosion resistant alloy for molten salt reactors by innovative high-throughput methods
  4. Development of an austenitic/martensitic gradient steel by additive manufacturing
  5. Hydrogen injection into a liquid sodium stream by permeation through a nickel membrane for tritium recovery purpose in SFRs
  6. Study of the ablation of a solid wall impacted by a liquid jet – Application to SFR core-catcher design
  7. Fuel performance code development and application to MOX-fueled liquid metal-cooled Gen-IV reactor concepts
  8. Spectroelectrochemistry of radioactive molten salt with diamond
  9. Simulation of particle deformation, movement and heat transfer in pebble bed
  10. Scale effects analysis on the thermal hydraulic behaviour of impinging jets in Sodium Fast Reactors
  11. Development of nanosized carbide dispersed advanced radiation resistant austenitic stainless steels (ARES) for Generation IV systems
  12. Particle-size debris flow in Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors under severe accident conditions with mitigation devices
  13. Modeling and assessment of new safety measures for Generation-IV European Sodium Fast Reactor
  14. Development of a hyperfidelity depletion approach for pebble bed cores
  15. Thermomechanical property measurements of nuclear graphites at elevated temperatures
  16. High Damage Level Radiation Responses of Additive-Manufactured HT9 Alloys for Gen IV Fast Reactor Applications
  17. Improvements of nuclear data evaluations for lead isotopes in support of next generation lead-cooled fast systems
  18. Study of corium-sodium interactions in case of a severe accident scenario in Sodium cooled Fast Reactors (SFRs)
  19. Natural circulation of liquid metal pool simulated by water
  20. Electrochemical studies of high temperature molten salt corrosion relevant to advanced nuclear reactors
  21. High temperature high entropy carbides for high radiation applications
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