GIF 2022 Event Calendar

GIF monthly webinar
27 July67th GIF webinar, "A Gas Cherenkov Muon Spectrometer for Nuclear Security Applications"
15 June66th GIF webinar, "Nuclear Waste Management Strategy for Molten Salt Reactor Systems"
11 May65th GIF webinar, "Development of Nanosized Carbide Dispersed Advanced Radiation Resistant Austenitic Stainless Steels (ARES) for Generation IV Systems"
23 Mar.63th GIF webinar, "Scale Effects Analysis on the Thermal Hydraulic Behavior of Impinging Jets in Sodium Fast Reactors"
24 Feb.62th GIF webinar, "Artificial Intelligence in Support of NE Sector"
27 Jan.61th GIF webinar, "ESFR SMART a European Sodium Fast Reactor concept including the European feedback experience and the new safety commitments following Fukushima accident"
GIF webinar archive
GIF registered/open events
19 Apr.GIF-IAEA-NEA joint webinar (64th GIF webinar), “Role of Nuclear Energy in Reducing CO2 Emissions”
・Accelerating Economy-Wide Decarbonization via Nuclear Energy, Dr. Shannon Bragg-Sitton (GIF NEaNH-iTF, INL)
・Nuclear Energy, An Important Part of Solution to Net Zero World, Mr. Wei Huang (IAEA NEPIK)
・Meeting Climate Change Targets: The Role of Nuclear Energy, Ms. Diane Cameron (OECD NEA)
Moderators: Dr. Patricia Paviet (GIF ETWG, PNNL) and Dr.Tatjana Jevremovic (IAEA WCRT)
3-7 Oct.GIF-Forum Industry 2022 Toronto(Collaboration with G4SR-4)
GIF member event
16-20 MayGIF PG/EG meeting (PG-53, EG-47) Sydney
3-7 Oct.GIF PG/EG meeting (PG-54, EG-48) In Forum Industry 20222
Educational Initiatives (Schools & Contests)
24 Mar.IAEA: FR22 ‘Future Innovator’ Essay Challenge
30 MayNEA: Global Nuclear Science and Engineering Commencement – Student Competition
18-29 JulyORNL: 13th MeV Summer School
24 Aug.-2 Sep.KIT/CEA: 27th Frédéric & Otto Summer School on Nuclear Power

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