GIF 2023 Event Calendar

GIF monthly webinar
31 Oct.82th GIF webinar, "The Nuclear Workforce of the Future - Opportunities and Needs for the International Nuclear Sector"
27 Sep.81th GIF webinar, "EPRI Virtual Reality Training"
31 Aug.80th GIF webinar, "Corrosion and Cracking of Supercritical Water Reactor (SCWR) Materials"
26 July79th GIF webinar, "Off-gas Xenon Detection and Management in Support of Molten Salt Reactors"
21 June78th GIF webinar, "International Knowledge Management and Preservation of SFR"
24 May 77th GIF webinar, "Graphite-Molten Salt Interactions"
5 Apr. 76th GIF webinar, "Overview of Nuclear Graphite R&D in Support of Advanced Reactors"
30 Feb.75th GIF webinar, "Advanced Reactor Safeguards and Material Accountancy Challenges"
22 Feb.74th GIF webinar, "Safe Final Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Finland"
25 Jan.73th GIF webinar, "Molten Salt Reactors Taxonomy and Fuel Cycle Performance"
GIF webinar archive
GIF registered/open events
5 MayGIF-IAEA joint webinar, "Thorium-based Advanced Reactor Design Concepts"
・Mr. Aslak Stubsgaard, Copenhagen Atomics, Denmark
・Ms. Brittney Blackwood, AlphaTech Research Corporation, USA
・Mr. Ritsuo Yoshioka, International Thorium Molten-Salt Forum, Japan
・Mr. Armando Nava-Dominguez, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Canada
GIF member event
17-21 Apr.GIF PG/EG meeting (PG-55, EG-49) Lyon, France
16-20 Oct.GIF PG/EG meeting (PG-56, EG-50) Versailles, France
Educational Initiatives (Schools & Contests)
31 Jun.2023 Pitch your Gen IV Research Competition (GIF Pitch 2023) deadline for first screening
30 Apr.2023 Pitch your Gen IV Research Competition (GIF Pitch 2023) deadline for second screening
31 May2023 Pitch your Gen IV Research Competition (GIF Pitch 2023) view 3 winners videos

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