GIF event schedule

Open events
4/2820th Anniversary Celebration Special webinar (Tele, See GIF HP, Watch WEBCAST,
Introduction slide, agenda)
4/30Pitch Your Generation IV Research Competition(Announcing the three winners)
11/8, 9GIF AMME Workshop on Advanced Manufacturing(Tele, See GIF HP)
GIF members events
4/14GIF extra EG/PG meeting
(Discussion on Non-Electric applications of Nuclear Heat, Forum Industry 2022)
5/17-21GIF EG-45 meeting
(Progress of Gen IV reactor developments, Gen IV evaluation methodologies, Case study reports/Position papers, and relationship with GIF partners)
6/29,3015th GIF-IAEA interface meeting(Tele, See IAEA HP)
10/6GIF extra EG/PG meeting
(Discussion on Forum Industry 2022)
10/18,19,20,27,28Virtual GIF EG-46, PG-52 meeting
(From R&D to Demonstration/Deployment. Progress of Gen IV reactor developments, Gen IV evaluation methodologies, Case study reports/Position papers)
4/19GIF-IAEA-NEA joint Webinar, “Role of Nuclear Energy in reducing CO2 Emissions”
Moderators: Patricia Paviet and Tatjana Jevremovic
Speaker: Mr Wei Huang (IAEA), Ms. Diane Cameron (NEA), Dr. Shannon Bragg-Sitton (GIF)
5/16-20EG/PG week hopefully at Sydney
10/3-7GIF- Forum Industry 2022 (Colocation with G4SR-4: to be confirmed)
GIF relevant events
5/21INPRO-IAEA and GIF Collaboration and Current Activities (Hideki KAMIDE)
at 18th INPRO Dialogue Forum on Partnerships for Nuclear Development and Deployment (IAEA):
Day4 Session IV: Partnerships for Innovative Nuclear Technology
5/26SMR-AMR-MicroReactors: Global New Paradigm for Nuclear Reactors. A vision from the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) (Gilles RODRIGUEZ)
5/31Co-action with CEM NICE Future initiative
Pathways to net zero using nuclear innovation “2.1 Generation-IV International Forum (GIF)”
(Hideki KAMIDE)
6/23GIF interview:Allan Carson of WNA interviews Gilles Rodriguez
at video interviews with innovation leaders of WNA Forum on Nuclear innovation: Thinking Outside the Dome
7/29Generation-IV Reactor Systems and International Cooperation through GIF (Hideki KAMIDE)
at New Technologies in Power Plants and Fuels session of Nuclear Trade and Technology Exchange (NT2E)
9/28,10/14Overview of the Generation IV International Forum (Hideki KAMIDE)
Status of the SFR technology developments in the Generation-IV International Forum: Reactor Design & Fuel R&D (Gilles Rodriguez, Frédéric Serre)
Sodium Cooled Fast Reactor Technologies (Robert (Bob) Hill)
at [Merits and Viability of Different Nuclear Fuel Cycles and Technology Options and the Waste Aspects of Advanced Nuclear Reactors: Meeting #10, #11] of The National Academies of Sciences
10/12Guest Editorial by Gilles Rodriguez for ASME J. of Nuclear Rad Sci.
10/25Open letter to COP26 Chair: "Nuclear energy is ready to contribute to global net zero"
(Hideki KAMIDE, also see WNN news)
11/30-12/2GIF booth/workshop at World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE)